Black Tears

Arctic Beverage, in co-operation with The Island Rum Company (TIRC), is proud to announce the launch of a new original cuban spiced rum, called Black Tears (by Vigia). The first product from TIRC will be available in selected European markets in Q1-2 2016.

Tore Villard, CEO in TIRC, is proud of the all the effort and hard work behind the project and states; "Dealing with Cuba and the team at Tecnoazucar has been a great jurney."

Joint venture with L&B LLC

Beso del Sol

We are happy to announce that the Beso del Sol (Sangria) brand stands stronger that even. A joint venture with L&B LLC and joining forces with an American investment group will fuel the already significant growth.

We are happy to get a new team member and Beverage Industry veteran, John Bello. This will further fuel the already significant growth.

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Arctic goes to Sweden

Arctic Wine & Spirits Sweden

Arctic Beverage enters the Swedish market in March 2015 and establish Arctic Wine & Spirits AB. Joining us is 4th generation wine and spirits veteran, Christer Tegnér and former MD at Philipsson & Söderberg, Petter Berglund. We also welcome LiseLotte Wanre Östlund, wine expert and former Commercial Director at Åbro Wines, MD at Modern Wines and Country Manager at Moestue, joining us from September 2016.